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Pick 4 words from the Year 3 4 words document to write as handwriting in your book. 

Read your book that you brought home from school and define 4 words from it.


Watch the film The Black Hat. 

Use Resource 1b in the teaching resources to describe the boy in full sentences. This should look like a Character Description. 

As an extension, can you find more words to use in your sentences? Maybe used a thesaurus if you can.



We will be revisiting dividing 2 digits by 1 digit. Go through the Power Point and complete the questions on the document attached, at the level that best suits you. 



Complete the Jo Wicks PE workout;_ylt=AwrJS9cVyXdezQsAZRUM34lQ;_ylu=X3oDMTB0ZTgxN3Q0BGNvbG8DaXIyBHBvcwMxBHZ0aWQDBHNlYwNwaXZz?p=jo+wicks+PE+ks2&fr2=piv-web&fr=mcafee#id=11&vid=acc03c5484b3ae9cb6a20b4be0ef1a86&action=view