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Pick 4 words from the Year 3 4 words document to write as handwriting in your book. 

Read your book that you brought home from school out loud. 


Watch the film, for the birds.


Children use speech marks to write dialogue between characters. Use accurate punctuation and spech marks. Can children change their notes into a section of dialogue/descriptive narrative? Resource 2b or 2c.




Complete Week one, Lesson Two Making the Whole on White Rose Maths

Watch the video before completing the activity. 



The index page of an atlas lists the places in alphabetical order.

Use the resource document to put the places in alphabetical order. Remember that all names of places need a capital letter because they are a proper noun. Also remember that if the FIRST letter is the same, then you need to look at the alphabetical order of the second letters. 

Now see if you have an atlas at home or in your parent's car that you can look at. 




Complete Jo Wicks workout online.