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Maths- Time part III

Days of the week.

Ask your child to sing our days of the week song...

Write out or print off the days of the week. Ask your child to order the days of the week.

Ask them to sound out the first three letters of each of the days (they may need help with Tuesday) and then they should be able to guess the name. 


Questions using the words before, after, tomorrow and yesterday.

Every day when we do our timetable, we work out together what day it is today, what was it yesterday and what will it be tomorrow. 

The children are pretty good at this as a collective, but here's their turn to shine!

With the days in order , can you ask them questions using the vocabulary, before , after, next to etc (e.g what comes before Sunday). If today is Wednesday, what will tomorrow be? 


If your child becomes really confident, ask them to ask you a question or two. 

Days of the Week clap clap! to the tune of the Addams Family

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