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Use your plans from yesterday to write up a setting description. Remember to include adventurous adjectives and challenge yourself with using alliteration, personification, similes and onomatopoeia.

If you need some visual prompts as to what you might find inside of a tomb, click on the link below. 

Maths: Multiply 2 digits by 1

Starter, teaching slides, activity and answer sheets attached below.


Science/Computing: Teeth & the digestive system!

We have been looking at teeth and the digestive system at school so can you show off your knowledge and create a poster about it? 


If you can, use powerpoint presentation or any other presentation software/app to create your poster. 


Your poster should include: 


  1. Title page

  2. Our teeth – include the scientific names of the different types of teeth we have with an

    explanation about what their job is

  3. How do they compare? – look at the teeth of other animals and point out some differences. Try

    to include the terms carnivore, herbivore and omnivore.

  4. Healthy teeth – explain what we should all do to keep our teeth healthy. Think back to your

    work from the other sessions to remind you.

  5. Why are teeth important? – describe the digestive system and that each part of the journey has

    an important job to do, and what that job is.