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Daily Active Challenge

English - Remember to retell the story using your story map first. This week we will be focusing on the giant. What does the giant look like? How does he act? How do we think he feels? Draw a large picture of the giant then write words about him: 
Outside of him: write everything you can see about him and have learned about him
Inside of him: How you think he feels


Now compare this giant to one from the original story (if you can't remember there is a powerpoint version below) by drawing a comparison table in your book like the one below. 


Maths - Today we will be counting in fractions using the video and worksheet below


Religion and Worldviews - Today we will be looking more at Judaism. Learning about what Judaism is and the importance of the Torah Scroll - The Jewish religious holy book. Use the links below to find out more. The video labelled 'Purim Story' is a well known story written down to be passed on through the generations. 

Talk about Esther’s bravery in saving her people from persecution, and the conflict between good and evil encapsulated in the story. Discover how Jews celebrate this story annually with parties and storytelling – including drowning out the name of the villain, Haman, and cheering for Mordecai when the story is read in the synagogue.

Picture 1

Count in fractions

Purim Story

Grover and his friends star in this animated version of the Purim story from Shalom Sesame. For more videos, games, and parent resources, check out: www.shal...