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Complete page two of the Handwriting document

Use the reading revision matt guidance to complete The Happy Hunter - The Little Shoe Maker


Focus on the main character, Mr Botte. Give children some time to write words and phrases to describe his shop. Do they think it is old or new? Why? Next, show children an image of his products at 0:56, then draw speech bubbles to write in. How would Mr Botte persuade the customer by telling them appealing facts about the products? How would he need to describe the shoes? What would make them stand out? Explain that all products for sale have a product description which provides the prospective buyer with the information they need to decide whether or not to buy it. The information provided about the product must legally be true- sellers are not allowed to use false information- but how might they ‘bend the truth’ to make items sound more appealing? Look at the red pair of pumps on the left hand side of the image at 0:56. They are rather plain and dull, however by using clever description we can make them much more appealing (E.g. handmade/ genuine, soft, leather/ perfect fit)




Money: Play Money Cruncher

Pick the level most relevant to you. 




Complete the life cycle of flowering plants.

Use this video to make a double page information report about what happens.


For extra learning, look on the useful resources like for fun activities.