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English: This week we will focus on a new video clip called The Ride of Passage.


A bit of info before you watch the clip:

Toki’s tribe expects him to bring home the head of the biggest animal possible. In return, he will receive honour and respect. However, this rite of passage does not turn out as planned. With the help of a colourful new friend, he achieves something much bigger.


Play the clip from the link below, pausing at 0:48. Explain that this is called the title sequence and sets the scene for the clip. Talk through what they have seen, bullet pointing or mind mapping notes on paper.


What could the clip be about?

Where/ when might it be set?

Can they make predictions about genre and plot?


Watch the clip again and create a story board of events. Underneath write in NOTE FORM what is happening. 

English Resources

Science - complete the activity in the link below about ears and how we are able to hear sounds - if you want you can draw your own ear and label it.