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Maths- Odd and Even

For the next activity, we have 2 worksheets to print off.

If you are unable to print off these sheets, do not worry.

Using the items, numerals and headings from the last session, give your child a random number to count out, match the numberal, find out whether it is odd or even and then place the number under the correct heading.


Try one to start with and if they are confident, complete the second sheet.

RWI- Phonics

Today's sounds are 'ff' and 'zz'. Look at the picture, select the correct sounds and then write the correct word.

Easy peasy! 

Topic- Rosie's Walk

What did you think of the story? Do you think Rosie knew that pesky fox was following her? How did the fox feel when he kept being clumsy?


To reinforce the story, download the sequencing cards and ask your child to retell the story using these pictures. 

If you are not able to print them off, ask them to re-tell the story in their own words using the book. 

Sequencing the picture cards to re-tell the story of 'Rosie's Walk'