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RWI Phonics 

Below is a sheet you will need to print off. It practises reading 'ay' words and writing them too. 

Do not worry if you cannot print this off, you can instead, ask you child to write the following 'ay' words and draw a simple picture to accompany it.

hay, play, tray & say.

Maths- Halving and sharing

Following on from the previous lesson, use the ladybird and items from the doubling activity, to help your child half numbers independently.

Write the phrase 'half of 10', above the ladybird. The adult needs to show your child what to do. (If they are confident enough to have a go themselves, then let them). On each step, talk out aloud so your child can hear the instructions/steps they need to do.

" I need 10 items... 1,2,3, etc" - demostrate careful counting too

" It says half of 10 . Half means share them out so I have the same, and this side has the same " -point to the two halves of the ladybird.

"One for this side, one for that side, one for this side... " carry on until there are no more items.

" So I must count how many on this side... 1,2,3 etc and check I have the same on this side too...1,2,3 "

"Tar-Dar, I have 5 on this side, and 5 on that side. It is the same... SO  half of 10 is 5."

Let your child have a go at this process. Ask them to talk out aloud, so you the adult can ensure they have understood the process. 

Write other number sentences- Halves up to 10 and/or Halves up to 20.


Has your child spotted the connection between halving and doubling yet? 

Double 2 is 4

Half of 4 is 2 

If they have, strengthen this concept by testing them.

Lay out 3 items on each side of the ladybird, 

ask them " What is the doubling sentence?" double 3 is 6

"What is the halving sentence.".. half of 6 is 3

Please do not worry if they cannot see this, the main objective for halving is that,

there are equal amounts, the same etc, whether it is drawn or physically moved. 




Topic- Rosie's walk- A Journey

From yesterday's preposition walk, your child needs to illustrate what they did. Using the same format as Rosie's walk, download the template below, the adult writes the preopostion in and then your child writes the rest of the action, plus illustrates each box.

If you cannot print off the sheet, make one of your own, still using the prepositions.


Enjoy... and take your time with your illustrations and writing.