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English - First use your story plan to tell the story to someone else. Now that we have persuaded people to come to the Beanstalk Cafe we need some things to bake and sell. Can you write a set of instructions on 'How to make Chocolate Cakes'. To do this you could ask a grown up to help you make some first or talk through with you what you would need to do. 


Maths - We will be comparing number sentences today using the activity and work sheet below. 


Religion and Worldviews - Continuing with our learning about Judaism. Today we will be learning about mitzvot (or mitzvah) which are good deeds/commandments. There are some videos and a presentation that give more information below. 

Compare number sentences


Mitzvah Day

This is the latest video showcasing the highlghts of Mitzvah Day 2011 With thanks to Karen Ackerman of mediastories ( for producing an...


A song to teach all about the importance and meaning of a Mezuzah Composed and Performed by Stephen Melzack.