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Maths- Left & right

Today's activity is getting your child to know their left and right.

Watch the youtube clip, which helps them learn in a fun way.

After the clip, the document below are a series of left and right question cards. You do not have to print these off, as your child can answer the questions with the cards on screen.


A catchy Left and Right Song

RWI Phonics

Today's activity is find the words with special friends 'ee' and then colour them in.

After you have done that, spell and write the other words too.

Download the sheet below

If you cannot print off this sheet, ask your child to draw a picture to represent these words and label them...

feet, queen, teeth, seed

Geraldine the Giraffe learns /ee/ sound


Topic- People who help us

How did you get on with your pictures of the people at home who help you?

This time, we want you to think of 'people who help us in school'. 

You can either download the document or on a piece of plaine paper write down their name, their job and draw them, for example

Mr Hutchings - headteacher - 


Take a look at this ppt, it might help you think about all the jobs in school