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Maths- The snail and the Whale

Did you enjoy those activities? How did you get on with the chocolate -wrap -snail shell ? Yummy!

Today's lesson is Day 2. You will need your nibble fingers for these activities. 


If you have lost the link, click below . 


Today's activity is a writing one. Look at the pictures on the sheet, think what 'igh' word it is and write it on the line.

If you cannot print off the 'igh' sheet, ask your child to spell the words instead.


Here's Geraldine showing you some items with 'igh' in

Topic- People who help us

Crossing the road.

Today's activity is in two parts. Firstly, a powerpoint and then a practical one.

We would like the adults to reinforce the chidlren's awareness of crossing the road with an adult.  

Have a look at this powerpoint. Some slides will evoke a talking point for you and your child, e.g. why do you have to listen when crossing the road with an adult, why can we not cross the road between two parked cars etc.

After that, when you are walking out and about, reinforce the instructions practically. Test out their memory/common sense on when they are crossing the road. Ask them to verballise their awareness of crossing the road. 

Please try to emphasis that they should only cross the road with an adult present. At this young age, they are too young and too small for motorist too see.