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Maths -Missing numbers 

Today, your child needs to find the missing number and write it in. If they write the number incorrectly, could you please try and show them the correct way, e.g. a backwards number 3, 5, 7, etc

Please can you download either the doc 0-10 or 0-20. 

If you cannot print, you could write your own missing number challenges.



Today's 'ow' activty is to get the spaceship back to earth. Find and colour all the 'ow' words in the maze and land the ship back on planet earth. Good luck!

Print the doc below. If you are unable to print, maybe you could copy this sheet onto sqared paper.

Topic- Space

Today's activity is to think about 'aliens'. We know alien talk because we do it in RWI, but has anyone seen a real  alien before.

Listen to the story 'Alien's love underpants '. If you already have the book, share it with your child.

The activity today is to create your own alien. Your child can use, playdough, paper drawing or stuck together bits and bobs. 

If your child is drawing their alien, ask them to label the body parts, e.g. legs, arms, eyes 

Below are some tutorials on how to achieve some of the above...

A sheet to draw an alien on

Aliens Love underpants - Books Alive! Read Aloud book for kids

Make playdough aliens

How To Draw A Space Alien

Aliens ideas ...