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In this lesson, you will be learning about calculating using various amounts of money. You will be using addition and subtraction and also keeping a running total. You will learn to work methodically and logically. You will be calculating using pounds and pence and then using this knowledge to investigate mathematical problems.

Alternative Active Maths: Pirates' Gold

I have attached the lesson plan and resources in the link below.

Please note you don't have to stick to the lesson plan - you may have to amend some ideas to suit what you have at home. 


Instead of winning gold why don't you change it for some treats!


Today we will look at writing the opening of a newspaper article. 


When? Who? What? Why? Where? openers

My favourite paragraph in a newspaper report is the first one. It's clever because it tells you the whole story without you having to read it all. It uses the 5 W’s above to do this.


Last night, (when) local farmer Barry Bartlett, (who) 46 years old, received the shock of his life (what) when he discovered an alien spaceship landing (why) in one of his wheat fields (where).


How else could the alien have surprised a local person? Maybe it was found snooping around in a garage or maybe it was seen in a park or it arrived at school?


For example: 

Yesterday, local shopkeeper Ada Rudge, 34 years old, received the shock of her life when she found a green, slimy alien eating tinned hotdogs at the back of her shop.


Now you try using the 5 Ws to write a new paragraph about the alien's mischief. Remember to tell me when, who, what, why and where. Use the example above to help you.



Geography: Biomes

Click on the link below for your lesson on Biomes.