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Maths -One more

Today's activity is revising one more. If you show your child, that adding one more onto a number, the answer will be the next number .

To show them, write out a quick number line  0-10 or 0-20. Select number 2, ask them to point to it. Ask what is one more, they should jump from number 2 to number 3. To consolidate this, if you give them 2 objects, and then give one more... the answer will be 3. 

If your child needs more consolidation of what 'one more' means, please do repeat the latter with other numbers and objects.

With this practised, ask them 'what is one more than 7?' They may use the number line to find the answer, or they may already know it's the next number. 

Practice asking many questions about 'What is one more than...?


Challenge... what is 2 more? Ask them what they would have to do now? I.e jump 2 numbers on the number line instead of one.


Keep practising this until they can recall this skill mentally or with the aid of a number line. 



How did you get on with 'oo'. Poo at the zoo, it does make you smile after you have said it.

Today's activity is downloading the powerpoint and reading the 'oo' words and then guessing the missing word.

After the game, ask your child to try and spell 4/5 of the words used.

Topic- The Naughty Bus

Today's activity is a writing one. Below are some of the illustrations from the book. We would like your child to choose 2/3 of them and write where the bus is. 

Rather than starting with the same beginning all the time, e.g. The bus is... , ask your child to vary it , e.g. It is... He is... I can see the bus... 

This practises 'variation'.

Encourage your child to say the sentence first, before they write it.


If their favouirte illustration is not below, let them draw and colour it themselves and then write the caption for it.