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Maths Repeated Patterns

Have a look at this power point and see if your child can guess the next colour in the pattern. 

After the game, print off the sheet below to continue the activity. You will need coloured pens/pencils for this. If you cannot download the sheet, why not make up some patterns of your own, for your child to finish off.



Watch Geraldine with the sound 'oo' (look at the book)


Geraldine the Giraffe learns /OO/

Forest Phonics

This is a downloadable game for Iphone/Ipad or computer.

Here is the link to get it:


To navigate around the pages.

There are two pages of sounds. This week's sound is 'oo' (short sound)and this sound can be found on the second page, top right. The other 'oo' (long sound) is bottom row in the middle.

Click on the sound, click on the snail , a snail trail will be drawn by the monkey's hand, listen for the word (make sure the sound is turned on) and select the correct sounds by pushing them up to the snail trail. Once happy with the selction of sounds, click the tick, to see if it is correct. 

Once you have played 'oo' game, why not consolidate the other sounds? 

Topic- The Queen's Knickers 

What did you think of the story? Did it make you giggle all the way? Do you think our Queen really has different knickers for different occasions?


Today's activity will take two days.

Firstly, we would like your child to design some royal knickers. Think, what a royal pair look like? Would they have precious stones, gold or silver etc? 


They can colour, decorate, add collage etc, to make them.


Next, we would like them to design the knickers that the queen could wear if she visited our school. What could they draw to represent our school? Our badge, our class Lion Cub, the trim trail, Read Write Inc, your friends etc.


Lastly, we would like your child to design a pair of either knickers or boxer shorts for a person. It could be themselves, a member of their family, a friend, a pop star a cartoon charcter etc.

Again, think about what the decoration/pictures that would depict or describe this person.


Below are templates of the outline of underwear that your child may want to use or they may want a different outline.

We cannot wait to see these creations. Please write who the underwear is for , for the last design.

Enjoy this activity for the next two days...