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There are different  types of renewable energy - some are: Solar power, Wind power, Hydro Electricity, Tidal power, Biomass and Geothermal.


Today I would like you to make notes about the different types of fuel for later in the week. Below are some websites to get you started. WARNING: the Ducksters one is for the USA, can you find similar figures for the UK?



It's Tuesday, so it's Times Tables Rockstars!


Transition to High School

Starting secondary school, you are going to say  farewell to teachers and classmates at Parkgate Primary School  and hello to many new faces. It is important to think about your favourite memories. Draw a picture of your special memory and frame it in a photo frame. You may choose to draw a favourite lesson, a funny moment with friends, a school trip, your favourite teacher or a job role you were proud of. You can choose to decorate the photo frame provided or to craft their own using card.


The link below gives you ideas you could use to make your photo frame.