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Today we are going to have a look at how we can make our houses more energy efficient. Look at the image on the worksheet. 

The images have been taken with a thermal camera. Areas that are red show that there is a lot of heat loss, areas that are blue have very little.

Answer these three questions.


What are the areas where there is more red?


Why are the roofs blue? 


Why are the walls of the three buildings not the same


Now have a go at these 2 experiments to investigate how we can insulate a house to prevent heat lose. (You may need to adapt these experiments to use materials you have at home.)


It's Tuesday so it's Timestables Rockstars.

Here is a great idea for a multiplication game you can play with a pack of cards. Use the multiplication pyramid game. There is a video of the game, or a printed copy.

Addition or Multiplication Pyramid: A Card Game for Fact Fluency

Here's a fun game to practice addition or multiplication fact fluency! Subscribe to my Teaching Tips series on YouTube or on FB Messenger here: https://manyc...



Using an outline of a face, draw things you are looking forward to at secondary school e.g. clubs, lessons; what you may be nervous about e.g. homework, friends and areas that you have thoughts and questions about e.g. Who will be my teacher? Where will I eat lunch?

There is a picture below to show you what your work may look like.