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EnglishChoose a selection of the homes from the book and use your imagination to describe the inside and outside. Think about the people who live in it and what they are doing. It may help to draw a picture first. Example - The wild cowboys lived at the quiet home in the country, that had beautiful flowers outside. The dastardly pirate lived in the floating canal boat and was worried that it would float away. 


Maths - Using the interactive clock from yesterday's lesson can the children tell you what time it will be in one hour from o'clock and half past the hour times. Complete the attached worksheet below by drawing on the specified time on the first clock and then the time one hour later on the second. 


Science - Food Chains: Can your child order the animals in a food chain, the next animal along is the one that will be eaten by the previous. At the end question your child about what they notice. Do they realise that the largest animals is at the end (explain that this is known as the predator) and that there are small plants at the other end (producers). Can your child make links between the food chain and habitats that we have talked about in class. Do they realise that all living things within the habitat depend on each other to live? Explain that the predator will die in the end and that their bodies will turn into food for the beginning of the food chain. Watch the video clips below to explain further and then research and draw food chains in books or cut and stick the given ones on the worksheet below.