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Let's see if your child can read some captions and match the correct pitcure .

If you are unable to print these sheet off, write a few of the captions down for them to read.

Mr Thorne Does Phonics - Episode OR


Maths- Adding and Take Away

Let's try adding on.

First to get them warmed up, ask your child to say the next number, e.g. you say '6', they answer '7', you say '11' they say 12. Repeat, until you child is fluent in giving you the next number. (Please take into account their range 0-20, 0-12 etc ) 

Adding on 

This is a skill where we teach the children to already start from the first number and count on . For example 5 + 4 = ?. Instead of counting out 5 objects and another 4 objects, show your child what to do.

Model this... write out the number sentence 5 + 4 =? 

On a post it note write the number 5 and stick it on your forehead. Hold 4 fingers up and then press your forehead and saying 5. Then touch your fingers and count 6, 7, 8, 9 !

9 is my answer.

Model this again with the same number sentence.

Then ask them to copy you.

Model another simple number sentence .

It doesn't matter if the bigger number is first or second at this point, we are just seeing if your child can count on.

Keep practising this addition skill, maybe drop the post it notes as they get used to putting the first number in their head. 

The main objective is that they can start counting from any number and stop when there are no fingers left.

See how they get on, if they are getting a little stressed over it, leave it as they are not ready. Maybe come back to it at another time.


Have a look at theses powerpoints to consolidate counting on skills

Topic -Science Experiments

Remember today, you are going to pour on the ingredients to make the eruption.

You will need bi-carbonated powder (baking powder), red food colouring in hot water and finally white vinegar


Bubble Snakes

As the erupting volcano won't last that long (depending how many times you let it erupt), we have given you an extra short experiement to do.

A 'Bubble Snake'

You will need the following: a plastic bottle, an old sock, an elastic band, washing up solution and water.

Watch the following clip to see how easy to make something that gives you loads of fun.

Summer DIY: Homemade Bubble Blower (with a Sock!)


If you add drops of coloured food colouring to the end of the sock, watch the bubbles come out multicoloured.

Please take photos, they are going to be spectacular!