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Wake up, Shake up!

Get ready for the day with some dancing -



Continue to read at home each day.

Oxford Owl/Read Write Inc. e-books:

To access the free reading books click 'My Class Login'. Username: parkgateprimary Password: parkgate




What is a noun? (The name of a person, a place or a thing). What is an adjective? (A describing word). Can you remember what a noun phrase is? (When you put an adjective and a noun together e.g. 'red chair')


Look at the picture of all the objects stuck in the tree. What can you see? 

A whale, a lighthouse, a ladder...



Today you are going to write noun phrases to describe the things you can see stuck in the tree e.g. 'pink house'. Print off the picture and label it or write a list. E.g.

Pink house

Red door

White sink



Today you will be representing numbers. Go through the interactive teaching slides.

Have a go at the activity below - representing the picture in different ways.


Remember to 'draw it' we can draw whatever we want - dots, circle, squares, flowers etc. To 'show it' you could use dry pasta, buttons, pencils, counters etc.

Have a go at the challenge question.


Extra activities - 

Representing numbers worksheet and answers. 

Number representation cards - matching activity.

I spy... find the representations that match the number.


Please don't print off the science lesson!