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Wednesday 18th November 2020



Watch the trailer for the first episode of Dynasties entitled Meet David: The Alpha Chimp Defending his Crown.


1. Pause at 3 seconds – Where in the world do you think this is? Explain your answer


2. Sir David Attenborough says Senegal is, “home to a remarkable troupe of chimpanzees.” What do you think the word ‘troupe’ means?


3. Why is this place “the very limit of where chimpanzees can survive”? (approx. 20 seconds)


4. The leader is described a ‘strong’ and ‘determined.’ Can you think of a synonym and antonym for each of these words?



5. What is the name of the alpha male?


6. Pause at 51 seconds – Why is this image surprising? What do you think the chimpanzees are doing here?


7. a) What is the positive of David’s position as alpha male?

b) What is the negative of David’s position as alpha male?


8. What does the word ‘rival’ mean?


9. What are David’s rivals prepared to do to him? How do you think David might feel about this?


10. Pause at 1 minute 32 seconds – Choose one word to describe how David is feeling here and explain your choice…

  • Calm – 
  • Afraid – 
  • Sad – 
  • Angry – 


Have a go at these word problems that include measure. 

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