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Wednesday 19th June

Today, we went on a 1 ½ hour walk and I really enjoyed it. Billie and Mrs Watkins and I were at the back on the line and looking at the view. So, it all started off with a drive from our group instructor in the minibus, after 10ish minutes we eventually got off and had a stretch. So we started the walk…

When we got into the walk, there were a few cows and sheep/lambs around making a bustle. They were really cute and we all wanted to go and stroke them but they could have bitten us so it wasn’t a sensible idea. A few of us were eating the nicest wild edible berries IN THE WORLD!!! They were really sweet with a slight sharp kick (40% sweet and 60% sourness). After we tried them, we carried on walking and stopped off to take a few pictures. We went to a really flat cliff with some big boulders. The view of the mountains was unbelievably beautiful.

Group D’s instructor told us a story apparent magic in the village.  Possibly quite famous in this area of Wales. We had a walk down and Rosa slipped and fell over and luckily held on to Martha on the edge. The cliff wasn’t too steep and more as a ledge but had very prickly plants which you didn’t want to fall in.  We all had our sandwiches and then talked our lives away while walking back. There was a lake, but there were no ducks, just frogs and grass snakes. When we were told that there were grass snakes all the girls screamed and it was really funny……then we left and again were talking our mouths off!!!

When we got back we were asked to get changed into our clothes. The question was who was going to sink in the… WATER!!!!! We were all doing raft buildings and we had a competition but not side to side, first to the end, it was a timed competition. It was the quickest team to go around the little small island in the water, back to the instructor, who was timing, and then we had to put our boat on the shore line, then the timer had stopped.  Our team took 12 minutes as we were so unorganised. I will speak for everybody, we all had a not good, but A GREAT TIME! Well, as we were all told we were allowed to get ‘hypothermia’ in the freezing cold water. All of us were splashing and enjoying ourselves until we put our full bodies from our shoulders under… probably,  if I was to change one thing about what I did in Plas, I would not to go fully under. So we all got dressed and here I am, the others are watching Harry Potter while I’m typing our blog.

Written by Zachary.

Year 6


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