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English - With your child create a list of jobs that Jack might have to do in the café (using commas in a list) - cleaning, wiping tables, serving etc. Turn these into command sentences using verbs – Wipe the tables, clean the van, empty the bins, walk the dog, serve the customers etc. Now ask your child to write a list of command sentences using adverbs and time words to order them correctly e.g. First go and carefully wipe the tables. Then empty the bins quietly. After that... etc. 


Maths - Today you will be ordering objects by length. Use the powerpoint below for the activities to complete. 


Science - Today we will be looking at plants. Have a look in the garden with an adult and see how many plants you can find and name. Either using seeds/bulbs that are in the garden or ones that are from packets look closely at them and think of why, what, where questions that you could ask about them.. where did they come from? what colour will they be? etc Now choose a seed and compare it to a grown plant (either in the garden or using a photograph online). Draw a picture of the seed and the plant in your book. Label any parts that you know the name of.