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English - Look at the image of Jack in the van below. How is he feeling at this moment in time? How do we know? Discuss how the illustrator has emphasised Jack’s feelings. Focus on illustrator’s technique of ‘show not tell’ by your child freeze-framing Jack’s body language at this point. Use a 'Magic Microphone' to ask your child how Jack feels. Ensure children explain how they are feeling (as Jack) at this moment in the present tense.


Maths - Today we will be finding a half using the link and worksheet below. 


Science - Think about and discuss these questions - Do you think seeds will grow if they are just thrown out into the garden? Do seeds have a top and a bottom? Does it matter which way up they are planted? Does it matter whether they are on top of or under the soil? If they are planted under the soil they will be in the dark – do seeds need light to start to grow? What do seeds need to grow best? If you have any seeds or bulbs, try planting them in different places around the home and garden to see where they grow best. You could even keep a weekly diary with photographs/ images as it grows (or doesn't!). Discuss why some are growing better than others. 

Jack in the van