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Maths Part II- Birthdays

Recap on the months of the year again- sing the song perhaps. Order the months of the year.

Then write out a label with the name of a member of the family. Tell your child the family member's birthday month and ask your child to place it next to the correct  month.  Repeat this with the family that live with them. 


If your child has enjoyed doing this, extend the birthday months to people who they know, other family members, friends, school friends, teachers ( Miss Noonan's birthday is March and Mrs Knight's and Mrs Fosters are in April) 

Have fun!

Read Write Inc- Spot the 'th' words. Using a highlighter/crayon, highlight the words with the sound 'th' in. Can you read them?

Topic- Where Do Fruits and Vegetables Come From?

Learn about some fruits and vegetables growing above and in the ground