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English: Continuing with Ruckus!

Using all of the information you know from the two brothers I would like you to design and make your own wanted poster about one of the brothers. Below I have attached a good example so you can use it to make your own. 


If you want, you can use tea stained paper to make it look really effective!


PSHE: Should you have a say in what you learn?


Individual Liberty

If we feel strongly about something that affects
us, there are different ways we can share our
opinions with those who make decisions.
Explaining our reasons can help bring about

positive changes.


Click on the links below for PSHE activities. (please note: you don't need to do them all) 

Additional activities: 


Option 1: Read and research a typical school day for a child living in another country such as China, France, Spain etc. Select a country then use the internet to find out more. Think about the following:
• What time does the school day start and finish?
• What subjects do they learn?
• How is it similar/different to your school? 
• Do you think there is a school day in one of the other countries you might prefer to your own school day? Why?


Option 2: Explain that you are now in charge of designing the weekly timetable for the class!
Think about the following:
• Which subjects will you include?
• How long will you spend doing each?
• Will you schedule in breaks, assemblies etc?
• What time will the school day begin and end?