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Maths- Doubling

Today's activity is consolidating doubling. You will need a mirror, items to double and something to write on. 



Set up the activity like this and ask your child to write the number sentence and say the doubling sentence too. 

Repeat as often as you like and numbers up to either double 5 or up to double 10.


Here is a powerpoint game that you can play to practise your doubling

RWI- write either 'sh' or 'ch' to make the correct word

Alphablocks - Learn to read sh and ch words

Watch the alphablocks and read the words with them.

Topic- Colour The day the crayons quit

Today's activity will take you a couple of days. Think about the things Duncan drew with the different colours. A green dinosaur, a red fire engine, a yellow/orange sun etc. We would like you to draw and label 1/2 things that are the crayon colours.

Below are two sheets that we have made so you can do your amazing drawings in and equally fab labelling in. 

Have a look around your house and garden for 'unique' items to draw. Flowers? Toys? etc

This activity might take you some time, so don't worry. Maybe ask an adult to help you fill in some of the boxes.