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Complete page three of the Handwriting document

Use the reading revision matt guidance to complete A rain song - The Little Shoe Maker


Think of your favourite brands. What do you like about the brand and the logo? 

Ask the children if they know any of the slogans which accompany the logos they have identified (E.g. McDonalds-“I’m lovin’ it”, KitKat-“Take a break”). Explain the definition of a slogan as the, often catchy, words used by the companies to help customers identify the brand. What do these phrases suggest (quality, happiness, a pleasant experience) . Show them a slogan which uses wordplay (KitKat is a good one which they are likely to all be familiar with) and discuss what this means. What does the wafer actually do (break when you snap it) and how have the advertisers used this to create a slogan? What does the word ‘break’ within the slogan suggest (relax)? Can they identify the wordplay. In pairs give them time to think of any others they have come across and write them down. How/ why do brands use logos/ slogans/ wordplay to entice customers?

Children are to design their own logos and slogans for Mr Botte’s shoe shop. How will you make it stand out to customers?




Complete the money worksheet to find change from specific amounts. If you do not want to use the worksheet you could make your own money and play shop up to £20 or more.

Alternatively play the change game on Natwest




Watch the life cycle of a dandelion and think about how the seeds have been dispersed through the wind. 

Can you research to find other ways seeds are dispersed? 

Present your information on pic collage on your ipad or in any other way.


For extra learning visit the useful resources link.