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Maths- Odd and Even

To move the children on with their learning, today's activity is finding out whether we can spot an odd number or even number using 2 digits.

Do not worry if your child cannot read these two digits numbers. However, what they can do is look at the last number and decide whether it is odd or even.


Write the number 13. Ask your child to count out 13 items and find out whether this number is odd or even. Hopefully, they will have one item not paired, therefore it is odd. Circle/underline the last number in the number 13, what does your child notice? That number 3 is odd. 

Tell them, that they only need to look at the last number, to work out if it is odd or even.

Try it again with another number... If they want to, they may count out that many items and pair them up to prove it is what it is. However, this is not necessary as the trick is in the last number. 


Play the game odd or even ... they'll love this game.

Write down a 2 digit number, ask them to focus on the last number, check using fingers to find out whether it is odd or even, and bingo, they'll have the answer.

Then continue with writing 3 digit numbers, 4, etc... The kids will love this, as they cannot believe how long/big the number you are writing for them, they will still know whether it is odd or even.


The first sheet are numbers up to 20. If they get the hang of it, have a go with the second activity.

Numberblocks: Odds And Evens


Today's activity is going to consoildate the sounds so far . It is a Race and Read game. You will need a di and players for counters.

Enjoy! See how many times you can beat the others!

Alphablocks LL SS FF - Hill

Topic- Rosie's Walk

For today's activity, you are going to make a map of the journey Rosie took.

Download the main pictures (from th doc) and cut them out. Then stick them in order of where Rosie went first.

 After your child has stuck the pictures down, they may want to colour in the backgrounds and add a few more ideas.

Using a pencil, mark out where she walked.

Here are some ideas of maps...(if you cannot print these pictures, have a go at drawing them in story order)






Pictures for Rosie's map