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RWI Phonics

Memory Game. Today's activity is to turn over two cards and match the same  'ay' words

You will need to small pieces of paper and a pencil .

Write these words on the paper and make a pair. Maybe, your child could write some of them too? 




blay (alien word)

shay (alien word)

Facing them down, ask your child to turn over two cards. Read them out, find a pair- keep it... if they don't match, turn them face down again end your go. 

Maths -Halving and Sharing

Today's activity is representing the 'sharing method' using drawings. 

Please print off the worksheets below. (If you cannot print off these sheets, carry on reading and an alternative has been suggested below) 


Demonstrate first to your child, how they are going to tackle this activity.

First, read the number /count the amount .

Then begin by drawing a spot in one side of the ladybird and saying out aloud '1', draw another spot in the other side and say '2'. Continue this until you have reached the number, stop and say " I have no more to share out." (Ensure the spots are not too small or big, but just right to count and fit in the area)

Count how many spots on one side and check the other side to see if they match. 

"Half of ?? is ??" and write the answer in the box provide. 


Let your child have a go at the next one, but watch them, ensuring they are doing the correct steps. 


There are 3 sheets, each getting progressively harder. Let your child have a go at all of them , but give them the support if needed. 


If you cannot print these sheets off, just replicate by drawing a ladybird/ rectangle/square cut in half, with the different number phrase ' half of 12 etc'. 


The objective of today's activity, is for your child to be able to represent the sharing in the form of pictures (spots) .


Good luck