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English - Carry on with your planning and story writing.


Maths - Adding two digit numbers using the video and worksheet below.


Science - Early in 2019, a cotton seed was successfully germinated on the moon. However, it did not live very long because during the lunar night, which lasts for approximately 13.5 days, the temperature plummeted and it was too cold for the seedling to survive. If humans were to ever colonise Mars, they would need to be able to grow crops in order to survive. However, the extreme cold, low atmospheric pressure and high radiation environment would mean that the plants would need to be grown in a heated transparent enclosure - a grow pod, if they were to grow to maturity and provide crops.


Sometimes you have to solve a problem on the spot. Today you will need to make something where a seed might grow using just the materials you have around the house or in the recycling. You could even test out your  ‘grow pods’ here on Earth by planting some seeds in them. Will your pods be effective – or not!

Add 2-digit numbers