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Maths -Left and Right

We hope your child enjoyed the catchy left and right song. Watch a couple of times, as it's good for them to consolidate.

Today's activity is a 'Colour left and right'. 

You will need to print off the sheet below. If you cannot print it off, don't worry, ask your child a series of left and right questions to practise, e.g. pick up the pen with your left hand, tap the table with your right foot, open the door with your left hand etc.

Enjoy this upbeat 'Twist, Right and Left Dance song '

RWI -Phonics

Roll and Read 'ee' game. 3 in a row

You will need counters to cover, a di and two or more players.

Alphablocks Series 3 - Beep

Topic- People who help us

Today's activity is a quiz. You will need the powerpoint below and an adult to read out the captions.

We wonder how many correct answers you will get?