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Maths- Missing numbers

Have a look at the following sheets. Rather than starting from 0 or 1, the challenge is counting from a different starting point and then find the missing number.

Again, if you are unable to print these sheets off, then make up your own missing number challenges, but start at different points.

RWI -Phonics

Did you land the spaceship on earth? Good job.

Today's activity is another 'practise writing ow'. Look at the pictures and see what 'ow' word it is depicting.


Geraldine the Giraffe learns ow spelling


Topic - Space 

Today's lesson is a PE one. 

Join in with Jamie doing 'Cosmic Yoga' (like we do at school) and enjoy her space adventure.

A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure!

How to Catch a Star - listen and watch another story about space