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In this lesson, you will continue to explore the area of rectangles. You will make estimations and justify your thinking. We will continue to use multiplication facts to help us along the way when using the formula ‘Length x Breadth = Area’. You will also learn that area is measured in squared units, e.g. cm². Make sure you have a sharp pencil and a ruler ready to complete any tasks you will be set.


Today we are going to write our story! We are going to focus on one section at a time so that we can really focus on our sentences and vocabulary. 


Oh wait.......  say hello to my friend Koa! He is my brothers dog and he helps me when I need to write a story. He listens to all of my ideas! I think its important to read my sentences out aloud to check they make sense and to check they are my best sentences!


He wags his tail when he thinks my ideas are good and he growls when he thinks they are not so good. 


Ssshhhh! Don't tell anyone but I like to feed him cheese because its his favourite and he's always such a good boy!  laugh


Anyway! Lets get onto writing our first section!


In the first section, I want you to: 


★ Introduce your Main character and show the reader that they are poor;

★ Use your own planning or model plan to help you to remember your ideas. 
★ Give a bit of detail about your Main Character’s daily life by using a fronted adverbial

like ‘every day’ or ‘each week’ or ‘during her working hours’. 


Here’s my first paragraph. Use it to help you write yours:


The Queen of the Oysters

A long time ago in a land of sea and stars, there lived a poor oyster diver named Zoe.

When the tide was right, she went deep, deep down in the sea to catch oysters. There she would swim, desperately searching for the secret shells. After her dive, she would take her catch to the market to sell for coins.


In this second section I want you to:

★ Introduce the new character who is ‘helped’ in some way by the Main Character; 

★ Describe the new character in detail using expanded noun phrase - think back to our grammar game. 


Here’s my second paragraph. Use it to help you write yours:


One night, she caught an unusually large oyster. She couldn’t help herself and she peaked inside. It had diamonds on its shell that glittered in the moonlight, a shimmering pearl and an angelic voice. As the oyster sang its mournful moan, Zoe froze in the water. She was mesmerised. Instantly, she realised that she couldn’t take this oyster, so she placed it back on the seabed.


Once you are done then please check: 

1. Your punctation and spelling.
2. Have you remembered full stops?

3. Have you used capital letters after the full stops?

4. Have you remembered the comma after your fronted adverbials?





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