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English - Today I would like you to look at the word r a i n b o w. Write down other words that can be made using theses letters e.g. in, win... Did you find rain and bow? We call these compound words because they are made up of two words. Here are some other compound words that you might know football, playground, bedroom, airport, jellyfish, newspaper, outside, classroom (you might be able to think of some more of your own) Now let's have some fun with them, split each word into it's two words and make a list, then use this list to make up a brand new compound word and write a definition for it e.g. jellyground - a boggy area where the ground is soft and wobbles when it's walked on. How many new words and definitions can you thinks of? 


Maths - Today's lesson is on sharing using the video and worksheet below. 


Science - Today you will be finding out what colour is the warmest!

You will need: 5 equal sized ice cubes, 5 squares of card or plastic of different colours; black, white, red, blue and yellow, a stopwatch, a sunny day

Place your different coloured pieces of card in a sunny spot and place an ice cube on each one. Time how long it takes for each one to melt. Which ice cubes melt first? Why do you think this is? Would you like to know... Read the attached scientific explanation below. 


Science - What is the warmest colour explained...