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Maths- Counting back

Today's activity is another practical one. Your child is going to count back from either 20-0 or 10-0. Try and encourage 20-0 and you may have to chant it with them. Again, use different voices to make it fun.


Now write a number line with them starting from 20 -0. Write it with your child, so they can see the numbers  get smaller in value.

Point to the number 5, ask your child, what is one less? If they say or point to the number 4, then they understand the answer will be the number before. If they are stuck, hand them 5 objects, take one away saying, 'one less', let them count how many they have left.

Practise asking your child. "What is one less than..."

To challenge them, ask them "What is two less than..." 

If they are confident, have a go at completing this.

Numberjacks | Takeaway


How did your child get on with spelling the 'oo' words.

Today's game is ' Match the picture to the word'. You will need to print off the 3 sheets below, two have pictures on and the last sheet is the base board with words on. Cut out all the pictures, then match a picture to the correct word. Simples! 

There are a lot of words, so you may want to complete this activity in two goes.

If you are unable to print, then show your child the picture sheet and ask them to spell a couple of the words. 

Have fun! 

Topic - The Naughty Bus

Today's activity is to draw a 'Wanted Poster' for the naughty bus. Explain to your child, that before TV, internet etc, to commincate to people, the vilans/naughty people who needed to be captured by the police, they had to draw a picuture of them on a poster. Also, they had to tell the people what they had done wrong and what was the reward for capturing them.

The template below of a 'Wanted Poster' for the Naughty bus, sets out a space to draw the naughty bus, to write what he has done wrong, e.g. fell in the pond, drove through beans/breakfast, played in the sink, etc and what is the reward. 

Ask your child, 'if you captured the Naughty Bus and handed him to the police, what reward would you like? e.g. bag of sweets, a sack of toys, a present, money etc? 

If you cannot print the wanted poster off , please make your own template for your child to draw and write on.