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Maths 2D Shapes

How did you get on with the sorting?

Today's activities are games. 

The first game is using shapes in repeated patterns (like last weeks) and the second game is a powerpoint, where you are shown a shape and given three possible answers to choose from.

Good Luck


How did you get on with the snakes and ladders? Who won?

Today's activity is called 'What's the 'ar' word?'

Print off the sheet and your child will need to look at the picture and write the word.

If you unable to print the sheet off, ask them to look at the pictures from the document and then write the words on a separate piece of paper. 

Topic -Using Nature

Today we are going to create pictures or patterns using nature. Let's watch a slide show by the artist Andy Goldsworthy. Most of his art uses nature.

Look at the photographs carefullly on the slides and see if you can copy any of them using the nature found in your garden. Or you could create your own piece of collage/art.