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Week 1 - 9th September 2020

Homework  - Week 1 - 9th September 2020



This week, I would like you to practise some times tables that have been set up on My Maths. The times tables set this week may be a little easy for some of you but I would like to check that you are able to do them with fluency (quickly) and independently (on your own). This year there will be a big focus on learning your times tables all the way up to 12 x 12 so each week you will be set a times table to work on. You will move onto the next set of times table once you have achieved 100% on the one you have been set. 



You should be reading at least 5 times in one week ( even if it is only a little bit).

For now, reading records will stay at school so teachers can listen to you read and also sign your record. 


You can also read online at oxford owl:


1. Click on My Class Login


Username is:

jaguar class 4

Password is:





This week we have been focusing on what a prefix and root words are. Can you remember what they mean and give an example?


A prefix are letters that you find at the beginning of a root word. Adding a prefix dis- or in- changes a word into its opposite.


Please practise the following spellings that are highlighted in orange: 


like              dislike


visible        invisible


approve     disapprove


complete    incomplete


correct      incorrect


connect      disconnect


appoint       disappoint


Check out the spelling page for some different ways to help you with some tricky spellings and you can also play some games on Oxford Owl which you can also find in our spellings page.