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Week 4 - 25th November 2020

Homework - Week 4 - 25th November 2020


English work:

Please complete the Comprehension in the link at the very bottom of this page. Answers are also attached. 



You must read at least 5 times in the week to build up your fluency of reading, increase your vocabulary and build your comprehension skills. In Jaguar class we change our books every Thursday so please bring in your books so that you can be listened to and you can change your book. You must keep your book at home for a week and then bring it into school on a Thursday. I understand some children read their books quite quickly however if you read stories over again you build on your fluency and understanding even further. You should be able to recap the story easily.



This week, we have been looking at the suffix - ture

Practise the spellings below:

  1. adventure
  2. creature
  3. capture
  4. departure
  5. fixture
  6. future
  7. furniture
  8. mixture
  9. nature
  10. picture
  11. sculpture
  12. temperature
  13. texture



This half term you will be set homework on My Maths - we will be practising skills from Autumn 1 so that all of our learning is not forgotten and our learning is consolidated. 


Times Tables Homework is now set on this link:

English comprehension and Answers