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Week 5 - 7th October 2020

Homework Week 5 - 7th October 2020



This week, I would like you to create an information poster about what you have learnt about the Tudors and Henry VIII so far. You can present this homework any way you like – be as creative as you want! You don't have to bring them in, you can take a picture of your work and e-mail it to me on


Here are some of the things you could include:

1. Henry VIII's wives and what happened to them.

2. Tudor Food (What did the rich eat? what did the poor eat?)

3. Tudor clothes (What did the rich wear? what did the poor wear?)



You should be reading at least 5 times in one week ( even if it is only a little bit). Please make sur ebook are in every Thursday so that we can change them for you. 


You can also read online at oxford owl:


1. Click on My Class Login


Username is:

jaguar class 4

Password is:




This week we are looking at the suffix -ous













Practise the spellings above using the spelling games on our Jaguar spelling page or the old fashioned way of look, cover and write! Can you tell me or an adult at home what each word means? Can you put them into sentences that make sense?



If you are confident with these spellings then write a mini story with all the words in. 

Can you write a personification sentence with one of your spellings in?

Can you write an onomatopoeia sentence with one of your spellings in?

Can you write a simile sentence with one of your spellings in?


Super Challenge!

Can you create a word web like the one below? You can create one for every spelling in the list above or just one! I would love to see what you have come up with: send them in via e-mail -


Here are some examples of a word web! You can also include synonyms ( words that have a similar meaning) antonyms (this means the opposite of a word for e.g. small - big) 






This week there will be more times tables to practise. If you did not achieve 100% in last weeks’ times tables games, then you will have to keep practising those until you do. If you managed to get 100% then you will move onto the next set of times tables.