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Week 6

Homework Week 6


This week in English we are looking at sentence openers called fronted adverbials. Use the spooky setting to come up with descriptive sentences. Use a fronted adverbial to start your sentences. Use the writing mat to help you.


For e.g.

Quickly, the clouds turned smoky grey and the wind howled and screeched as the night began. 




This week there will be more times tables to practise. If you did not achieve 100% in last weeks’ times tables games, then you will have to keep practising those until you do. If you managed to get 100% then you will move onto the next set of times tables.



You should be reading at least 5 times in one week ( even if it is only a little bit) and make sure a parent signs your reading record. 



Make sure you practise the spellings you have in your spelling log. Check out the spelling page for some different ways to help you with some tricky spellings and you can also play some games on Oxford Owl which you can also find in our spellings page.