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Archived Week Beginning 29.06.2020

Hi Lion Cubs.

We hope you are all well. Did you enjoy the glorious weather last week? Phew- it was a bit too hot and sticky for some of us, but we really shouldn't grumble about good weather.

Did you like the story of 'The Queen's Knickers? Isn't it a funny story and who would have known she has so many different pairs for different occasions. How did you get on with the acitvities? How far did your plastic toy float with the parachute and how colourful and decorative did you make the different themed knickers?

This week's activities is to do with nature, 2D & 3D shapes and our new sound for RWI is 'ar' start the car.

Have a lovely week, keep posting those fab photos of yourselves and family. We really do love looking at what you are all up to.

Take care, keep busy and stay in touch