Welcome to Parkgate Primary School. I hope that you will find the information interesting and helpful and it should give you an insight into our school.

We have high educational, moral and social expectations of the children within our school. We encourage respect for each other and our surroundings.

We recognise that education is a partnership between school and parents, and a positive relationship between the two means that success can be praised and difficulties solved. It is through our shared responsibility that we can ensure that our children develop into young people of whom we can be proud.

Parkgate Primary School offers a safe, caring and stimulating environment in which, as you will see from our Aims set out below, we seek to develop the WHOLE CHILD.

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Mission Statement

Every aspect of school contributes to the personal and social development of young people. The context in which children learn is diverse and complex. At Parkgate Primary School we seek to remain sensitive to each child’s needs, to recognise each child’s attainments and contributions and to value each ones’ personal perspective. Every one is special and unique.


At Parkgate Primary School we aim:

  • for children to be happy, safe and secure within in their school environment;
  • for children to enjoy their learning experiences and to achieve their potential;
  • to provide high quality learning experiences that equip children with the skills and attitudes to lead happy and useful lives in our rapidly changing society and world;
  • to provide opportunities and encouragement for children to become responsible and self disciplined individuals;
  • to help the children to acquire a thirst for knowledge and an enjoyment in learning that they will carry throughout life;
  • to encourage our pupils to have and show respect for themselves, others and their community;
  • to create an environment in which each member, child and adult feels valued;
  • to continue to develop a working partnership between home and school and good relationships within the community;
  • to provide a curriculum entitlement which matches the development of the whole child and the specific needs of each stage in that development.

Mr A Hutchings

STATEMENT of AIMS - last updated: November 2007

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