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Care Corner


It is more important than ever to ensure that your mental health and wellbeing is looked after. At Parkgate nurturing the emotional health and wellbeing of both our wonderful parents and children has and will continue to always be at the heart of our practice. We understand that we are all living in very worrying times, so Care Corner is here to alleviate some of those worries and sprinkle a little bit of happiness and sunshine over these dark clouds. 


We want you to know that we are here to support you all and remind you that you are not on your own. 


Within this corner you will find; 


Parent Corner which will include information and guidance on how to support both yourselves and your children during these very difficult times. It will also include self-care tips, activities and ideas to keep your mind happy and healthy. 


A Child Corner where you will find lots of fun therapeutic activities, ideas, tasks and other goodies for our lovely Parkgate kids. 


Family Corner which will include ideas, fun games and activities that can be shared together. 


All of these corners are here to support your mental health and wellbeing and remind you all to...