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Rhinos - Year 6

Year 6 assessment meeting for parents.

Welcome back to the Summer Term 2021, and your final term at Parkgate Primary School. This year is going to look a bit different than usual, but we will still be doing as many of the end of Year 6 activities as we can. Our residential at Plas Caerdeon is all booked, and we are just waiting to see if the English and Welsh Covid regulations will let that go ahead. We will be doing an end of year production in some form or other, and there will be Leavers Assembly etc.


There are no SATs this year as all the end of year assessments have been cancelled. However we will still be doing assessments ready to hand over the High Schools. These assessments will be based on Teacher Assessment and we shall do some old SATs papers to back up your work in class. The most important thing is that we work together to make sure that you are secure in the key areas in each subject ready for High School in September. If you want to know more, have a look at the Assessment Presentation that is on the class page.


The most important thing you can do is to make sure that you keep reading regularly and that you keep up to date with your homework. The homework is all on Google Classroom and is set on Wednesday, to be in on Monday.


One of our foci will be getting you ready for High School. You will be expected to take on more responsibility for your own organisation: making sure you have your own kit in school, getting your homework in on time.


We appreciate that many of you will be walking to school on your own and you may have your mobile phones with you. Mobile phones cannot be used in school. They have to be handed in as soon as you get to school, and you can collect them at the end of the school day.


It is even more important this year that you have your own, named water bottle in school.


Key Dates  
Plas Caerdeon Residential (provisional date) Monday 21st - Friday 25th June 2021
Leavers Assembly Monday 19th July 2pm




All your homework is on Google Classroom. Your homework will be set on Wednesday to be submitted by 9am on Monday. Homework club is run on Thursday lunchtimes.




Our English this term is closely linked to our History topic. We start off looking at Myths and Legends with a special focus on those told by the Ancient Greeks.


After half term, are focus is on non-fiction texts and we will be having a Science / Design Technology focus where we will be looking at Eco-friendly houses. 



In the first half term, we will be looking at percentages and how this links into the work we have already done on fractions and decimals. We will be suing this knowledge in problems solving and word problems and linking it to measures. Then we shall be investigating algebra and how to solve formulae.


After half term we shall be exploring area and perimeter, starting with quadrilaterals and then moving onto triangles and circles.


Mrs. Gregg will be taking you for maths on a Thursday morning. She will be carrying on with the Rainbow tables and exploring position and direction in Geometry which includes coordinates and symmetry..

We shall be continuing with our Rainbow times tables. If you are fluent with your tables it really helps all your maths.


There are plenty of helpful videos if you follow the link below.


Our unit for science this term is Electricity. We shall be looking at serial and parallel circuits and how to make switches.

After half term, we will apply this knowledge in DT when we make our own Eco-houses.



In Geography next half term we are looking at Human and Physical Geography. This unit focuses on map work when we shall be matching Ordnance Survey maps to aerial photographs. We learn how to read and interpret maps and finally how to use compasses.



This half term our History is The Ancient Greeks. We shall be looking at what life was like in Ancient Greece and how this impacts our lives today.



Mrs. Gregg will be carrying on with RE and Worldviews. In Summer 1 she will be looking at Hinduism. The Big Questions will be  'I know what would a Hindu parent want their child to know about God' and  'I know what is the meaning of Aum'.

In Summer 2 she will be looking at the importance of Pilgrimage to people of faith and those not of faith.  



This half term Mr. Joliffe is delivering music lessons. He will be using the iPads to look at composing music electronically. After half term, we shall be concentrating on the music for our end-of-year production.



In computing, we shall be looking at sound, podcasting, and composition. After half term, we shall be looking at data handling.


Art and DT

Linking to our topic on The Ancient Greeks, we shall be looking at Greek Pottery. We shall be designing and making a Greek Urn that is decorated with a Greek myth.


After half term out DT unit is Eco-Houses. We shall be researching different ways that houses can be made eco-friendly and use this information to design and create our own houses.



Mr. Hall will be taking you for PE on Tuesday and Mr. Kelly will be taking you on Wednesday. This term you will be doing Rounders and Cricket, Athletics and Tennis. Make sure you bring in a hat and sun cream, especially as the weather gets warmer.



In Summer 1 we shall be looking at language and the freedom of speech. After half term or work will concentrate on thinking about our transition to High School.