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Rhinos - Year 6

Welcome back to your final term at Parkgate Primary School.


The first few weeks will be concentrating on getting ready for our SATs starting on the 13th May, but we have lots of other things going on as well. So here is to a memorable last term in Primary School.

Ou residential to Plas Caerdeon is all set for 24th June. Also there are all the rest of the usual Summer Term activities to look forward to: Sports Day, Summer Fair and our end of year performance.


Once SATs is over a lot of our work will be concentrating on getting you ready for High School. You will be expected to take on more responsibility for your own organisation: making sure you have your own kit in school, getting your homework in on time.


We appreciate that many of you will be walking to school on your own and you may have your mobile phones with you. Mobile phones cannot be used in school. They have to be handed in as soon as you get to school, and you can collect them at the end of the school day.


It is really  important that you have your own, named water bottle in school. And don’t forget sunhat and sun cream as the weather gets warmer.


Key Dates 
SATsMonday 13th to Thursday 16th May 24
Plas CaerdeonMonday 24th June to Friday 28th June 24
Rocky Monster Show PerformancesTuesday 16th  and Wednesday 17th July 5.30pm
Leavers' AssemblyTuesday 23rd July 2pm


Year SATs meeting for parents


It is really important that you complete your homework and read everyday. All of your homework is posted on the Rhinos' Google Classroom. Your homework will be set on Wednesday to be submitted by 9am on Tuesday. Homework club is run on Thursday lunchtimes so you can complete some homework in school.




Our English links to our topics in History, DT and Science this term.

We will be starting looking at Greek Myths and Legends. We will explore the different themes that run through them and how they are written.  Then we shall write our own versions of them.

After half term we shall be linking our English to our DT and Science and looking at how we can live more sustainably and be eco-friendly. 



There first few weeks of this term we will be focusing on preparing for our SATs. Then we shall be linking with our computing curriculum and working on data.

After half term we shall be applying our skills and investigating different types of problem solving.

We shall be continuing with our Rainbow times tables. If you are fluent with your tables it really helps all your maths.


We shall be continuing to study Humans and Other Animals where we look at the circulatory system and how to lead a healthy lifestyle for the first part of the term.

Then we will move on to our Electricity unit where we will learn to make serial and parallel circuits. We will also look at environmentally friendly ways of generating electricity linked to our DT Eco-houses.


Our Geography is linking to our English and we will be looking at Mountains. We will find out about the different mountain ranges and the highest mountains in the world. We will also be studying how mountains are formed and the impact of humans on mountain envorinments.



After half term we shall be looking at the impact of the May Blitz on Liverpool in World War 2. We will be focusing on life on the Home Front including evacuation and rationing.


Mrs Gregg will be taking you for RE this year. After looking at how we find our own Worldviews she will be asking two ‘Big Questions’ about Islam:

Why is the Ummah important to Muslims?

How does the Hadith guide Muslims through the journey of life?



This term we will be focusing on out end of year performance and learning the songs for this.



In computing we will be looking at sound, composition and podcasting and linking this with our History and the Ancient Greeks.

Then, after half term, we will be linking our computing with our Science and finding out about databases.


Art and DT

Our Art in the first part of the term will be looking at Greek Pottery. We shall look at how pottery helps us understand about life in Ancient Greece and then we will make our own 3D pots.

After half term we shall be making our own Eco houses and linking this to our work in science and English.



Mr Hall will be taking you for PE on Tuesday and Mr Kelly will be taking you on Wednesday. Make sure you have your PE kit in school on those days, a spare pair of socks is always a good idea in case the grass is wet. As the weather gets warmer make sure you have sun cream and a hat.



Our first unit of work is on free speech and how to work with others based on the book ‘The only way is Badger’.

After half term our focus is on transition to High School. We will be looking at meeting new people, getting organised, how to get to school and , of course, what to do if you get lost!