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Rhinos - Year 6

The Night Before Christmas

Welcome back to the Spring Term 2021. We will be starting to think more about SATs this term, especially after half term, but we still have lots of exciting activities planned. All our homework will be moving to Google Classrooms in the next few weeks, so keep an eye out for the Parentmail that will let you set up this account. There is a special section with lots of resources that will help you to revise and get ready for your SATs in May.


Many people think that Year 6 is all about SATs. It isn’t. Yes, we need to make sure that we are well prepared for these in May, but year 6 is about lots of other things too. As the oldest children in the school, you get the opportunity to take on different roles in the school. We do have some trips and visits planned and hopefully, we will be able to go ahead with these.


One of our foci will be getting you ready for High School. You will be expected to take on more responsibility for your own organisation: making sure you have your own kit in school, getting your homework in on time.


We appreciate that many of you will be walking to school on your own and you may have your mobile phones with you. Mobile phones cannot be used in school. They have to be handed in as soon as you get to school, and you can collect them at the end of the school day.


It is even more important this year that you have your own, named water bottle in school.


Key Dates  
SATs meeting for Parents (via Zoom)  Thursday 14th January  5 pm 2021
Year 6 SATS 2021 Monday 9th - Thursday 12th May 2021
Plas Caerdeon Residential (provisional date) Monday 21st - Friday 25th June 2021


English Homework and spellings


Homework is a little different this year as it will all be set online. For English homework I will set weekly spellings online and provide you with a reading book for which you can keep for a week at home. The Rhinos class will be reviewing their reading every Friday so please make sure your reading book is in school that day. Even if you haven't managed to finish the book please do still bring it in so we can check your progress with it.  


There is a star Icon below called Homework where you can find your weekly homework tasks. You will also find the spellings tab below where you can play games and login to oxford owl to support your learning further.

Maths Homework


Your maths homework will all be online. You will have weekly tasks set on My Maths and we will be using Timestables Rockstars to continue to practise our tables.


Our English this term is closely linked to our Geography and History topics. We start off looking at biographical texts and we will be finding out about Sir Edmund Hilary and Tenzing Norgay, the first people to climb to the top of Mount Everest. 

After half term, we are studying World War 2 in history. Our English will be based around this as we write narratives using flashbacks. 



In the first half term, we are going to be looking at multiplying and dividing fractions. We shall then move on to working with decimals, percentages and ratios. As part of this, we shall be revising different units of measure and converting from one unit to another. After half term, we shall be investigating algebra.


Mrs. Gregg will be taking you for maths on a Thursday morning. She will be carrying on with the Rainbow tables and exploring shapes including the properties of 2D and 3D shapes.


We shall be continuing with our Rainbow times tables. If you are fluent with your tables it really helps all your maths.

There are plenty of helpful videos if you follow the link below.


Our unit for science in the first half term is Evolution and Adaption.  We shall look at the theories of Charles Darwin and the work of Mary Anning. After half term, we will be studying Living Things and looking at how our bodies work.



In Geography this half term we will be studying mountains. We will be looking at different mountains around the world, how mountains are formed, mountain habitats, and the impact of humans on mountain environments.



After half term, we shall be looking at World War 2. We will be focusing on the impact of the war on the Home Front and looking at the Liverpool Blitz and what this meant for people living in the local area.



Mrs. Gregg will be carrying on with RE and Worldviews. Last half term we brought together all we had learned about Islam throughout school into our Big Questions.  This half term we will be bringing together all we have learned about Christianity into our Big Question - What are some of the differences and similarities within Christianity locally and globally?



In music, we will be developing the work we did last half term on the orchestra. We shall be using resources from the Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra to look at a variety of pieces of music from around the world with a theme of 'World Vision'. 



In computing, we shall be looking at animation and photo editing. Then after half term, we will continue to develop our research skills using the internet.


Art and DT

In the first part of the Autumn term, we shall be investigating the work of Mary Lloyd Jones, a landscape artist. From this, we will be developing our own landscape pictures using a variety of different media.


After half term out DT unit is using food technology. Linked to our DT project we shall be designing and making our own 'Dig for Victory' soups.



Mr. Hall will be taking you for PE on Tuesday and Mr. Kelly will be taking you on Wednesday. Make sure you have your PE kit in school on those days, a spare pair of socks is always a good idea in case the grass is wet. As the weather gets colder make sure you have a hat and gloves as well.



In Spring 1 we will be looking at democracy and the rule of law in Britain. After half term, we look at overcoming fears about differences.