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Penguins - Year 2



Spring 1




This term our focus text is 'the Pirates Next Door' by Johnny Duddle. The objectives covered will be:


  • Some use of subordination (when if that because) to write complex sentences.
  • Use past and present tense mostly correctly throughout writing always correctly 
  • Use some expanded noun phrases to add description and detail 
  • Use conjunctions and pronouns to extend and link sentences 
  • Plan draft and orally rehearse writing using keywords and new vocabulary 
  • Re-read writing to check for meaning and tense form. 
  • Read work aloud with appropriate intonation. 
  • Make phonically-plausible attempts to spell words, spelling many correctly 
  • Write capital letters, lower case letters and digits with correct size and orientation, Use spacing between words that reflects the size of the letters. 


Phonics and Reading 


Read, Write, Inc. will take place daily. These lessons will incorporate learning phonics sounds, reading, writing and spelling.  We would like to encourage our children to develop a love of reading and ask you  to support them as much as possible in their reading journey.  It is important that they read as often as possible and that they share their reading with an adult or fluent reader who can ask questions about what they have read and enjoys the content with them.  We ask that the children aim to read with an adult every day



In Maths the focus will be on Money. The objectives covered will be: 

  • Can record using symbols £ and p (separately depending on the unit being used)
  • Can add together different coins and find the total
  • Can find coins that make a particular amount, e.g. which coins could you use to make 20p?
  • Can solve problems involving change
  • Can say how many different combinations of coins can you use to make a given total, e.g. 20p
  • Solve problems like: Holly has a 5p, 1p, 50p and 10p. Harry has the same amount of money but has 6 coins. What are they? Is there only one possible answer?
  • Can find totals of different amounts of money
  • Can decide which coins could be used to pay for the total
  • Can solve subtraction problems such as: Jess has saved 62p. She spends 15p. How much does she have left?
  • Can find change from a given amount, e.g. Jess buys a banana for 23p. She pays for it using a 50p. How much change does she get?
  • Can solve problems in the context of giving change, e.g. Grace uses a £2 coin to buy a can of drink which costs 85p. She is given four coins in change. Find all the possible combinations of coins that could have been given



We will be learning about the journey of the Cacoa Bean. Objectives covered will be: 

  • I can name the continents of the world and find them on a map
  • I can name the oceans of the world and find them on a map
  • I can name the countries and main cities of the UK and find them on a map
  • I can locate where I live on a map
  • I can find out about a different place in the world
  • I can talk about the jobs that people in another locality do


Art and DT

In Design and Technology we will be designing, making and evaluating biscuits. The children will explore ways to combine ingredients to affect how things taste.



We will be learning to play the Ukelele with Mr Joliffe and practising Nativity songs. 



We will use computing to enhance learning in other subject areas through use of multimedia apps on the iPads. We will also be using the Kodable app to practise and develop our Coding skills.



PE takes place on a Monday and Friday, and we will be working on Dance and Multi Skills.  Can you please make sure that your child has a named PE kit in school each day, with a school PE T-shirt, a pair of school PE shorts, a pair of trainers/pumps and a pair of warmer joggers and top for outdoor sessions.  Please remember that for safety reasons the children cannot wear earrings for PE.  Can you make sure that your child can remove their earrings or please send tape to put over them. Thank you



We will be learning about being healthy and what animals including humans need to llive. 


In RE we will be looking at Christianity with How Jesus changed as He grew and how he changed the people He met..   



Homework will be sent home on a Friday and needs to be returned by Wednesday. Sometimes homework may involve using the internet to access games and resources, please do speak to us if you have any problems accessing this at home.  The children will be responsible for giving their own book in.


Water Bottles

Please make sure your child has a named water bottle in school each day - it's thirsty work being in school and we have very limited supplies of cups for our water dispenser.