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Welcome to our Special Educational Needs and Disability section.

At Parkgate Primary, we believe in a partnership between school and home that supports and helps, the learning difficulties or barriers that our children may encounter in their academia or personal and social development. 

Our school's SENDco is Mrs Jo Foster and our SEND governor is Mrs Suzanne McNee.


What to do if you are concerned about your child. 

If you are worried about your child in anyway, please make an appointment with the class teacher to discuss your concern. We always have an 'open door' policy to help in anyway. 

Should the class teacher need advice on matters raised, they will speak to the SENDco. A meeting between the class teacher, SENDco and yourself may be arranged to discuss further actions. 


If you would like to speak to the either the SENDco or SEND governor, they can be contacted directly or through the school office on 0151 329 0361


SEND Information Report 

These pages set out information about our provision for children  with special educational needs and disability (SEND). They are updated annually.

About our school

Parkgate Primary School is a mainstream school which provides for children with a wide range of special educational needs including those with:

•             Communication and interaction needs; this includes children who have

              speech language and communication difficulties including autistic spectrum 


•             Cognition and Learning needs; this includes children who have learning

              difficulties and specific learning 

              difficulties like dyslexia, dyspraxia and dyscalculia.

•             Social, Emotional and Mental Health needs.

•             Sensory and/or Physical needs; this includes children who have visual or hearing needs, or a      physical disability that affects their learning.



Our SEND policy, SEND report , Cheshire West and Chester (CWAC) Local Offer and  information about barriers to learning and 'quality first teaching' (QFT) can be found below.

Barriers to Learning 

Below are some of the barriers to learning' a child might experience in their education.  In order for them to make progress against their objectives, they will be supported through 'quality first teaching' (QFT) strategies, within the classroom. 

In addition to some of the 'barriers to learning', we have listed the QFT strategies used to aid your child in school and at home .