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Lion Cubs - Reception

 welcome back to our lion cubs 

We are so glad that we are all back together again. We need to catch up on lots

of giggles and children showing how 'on fire' they are! 


We have 4 weeks and 4 days left of Spring 2. So lets tell you what  plan we have for you...



We are going to look at 'Signs of Spring' which we will look at nature for these simple signs. As well as developing their science skills, we will be teaching the children how to develop their observational drawings too.


For Census week, we will be learning about what is a census, what is around us now and what would we like in the future? The children will be learning about surveys and pictograms to show the data.


The run up to Easter lends itself to learning about what it Easter from a Christian's view and making lots of artefacts and Easter treats.




In maths the children will be consolidating the composition of numbers 0-20. 

We will be introducing money, starting with what they already know about money, to learning about the values of the coins. 

Using a ten frame, we will be looking at number bonds to 10 and writing it out in a number sentence e.g. 3 + 7 = 10   


Our focus in mental maths will be being confident at counting on and back in ones from any given number. 

For Shape Space and Measure, we will be looking at shapes that stack, roll and slide.



We will still have this on Fridays and we will continue will gymnastics using the floor and some equipment.


In Reception, sometimes the ideas and initiatives come from the children themselves. Therefore, there maybe activities we do that are not on our topic web, but have come and grown from the children's own interests, for example ' dinosaurs, fairies, sports' etc.


We look forward to putting our observations onto tapestry which continue to  show you the wonderful learning that is taking place with your child. Equally, we look forward to seeing and reading the observations you have/can load onto Tapestry.


Our door is always open for any queries, or send us an email  or just to say 'Hello'.

 Thank you for continuing support,


Mrs Foster, Ms Noonan & Mrs Davies

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