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Lion Cubs - Reception

A HUGE 'Welcome to our new Lion Cubs and their families


HELLO to all of the new Lion Cubs and their families! Under the circumstances, we really do understand if your little one and yourselves are feeling a little apprehensive about the 'first day' at school. Please let us reassure you that we will all do our very best to make this transition as smooth as possible. 


Our goals are to ensure the children are settled and happy, make learning fun and most importantly get to know them and their families. With your help, we are positive that the beginning of their primary school journey will be a very happy and memorable one. 


Below is an overview of what we will be doing for the next half term:



'Here We Are' by Oliver Jeffers and to include 'All about me!'

This book is about looking at where we live, the areas around us and the people who live on this planet. Through this exciting book, we get to know one another and they like to do. We talk about their likes and dislikes, their families (including pets) , explore parts of the body, observe the colours of their eyes, hair and skin and compare the differences between one another. 

After this book,  this will then lead onto learning about the amazing adventures of 'The Naughty Bus'.


Read, Write Inc (RWI)

Using our phonics programme RWI, short daily activities will teach the children to recognise the sounds letters make, blend them together to make words 'Fred Talk' and in addition,  they will learn how to form individual letters using a bespoke rhyme.



To begin with the children will not be doing formal writing.  They will explore ‘mark making’ and experiment with new sounds, patterns and drawing.  This will help to foster their love for writing, their imagination and most of all their confidence!



For the first few weeks, your child will be taking home stories with pictures in. This is to encourage them to use their imagination and tell the story in their own words. It is important that they speak in full sentences or an adult models this to them. For example, your child may say... "teddy brown", you would then repeat " Yes, the teddy is brown." To develop their vocabulary, you can ask them to say where is the teddy?..."The brown teddy is under the box."

Asking questions to your child about the pictures is equally as important as them telling you a story. 'How, where and why' questions are what we practise in Reception. 


Speaking and Listening

This will be a strong focus this term, with emphasis on building the children's confidence to speak and join in with discussions. Also, following on from the reading skills, we will be looking at, does your child have the understanding of what they are saying? " Why is teddy smiling?" How do we know that Teddy is happy?" Your child should be able to formulate their answers from what they see, hear or from what they are doing and speak with confidence. As adults, we are there to encourage and develop their speaking and listening skills, enhance their experiences and be good 'role models' for them. 



As part of our number learning, the children will learn to count forwards and backwards to 10, learn the value of each number. For example, what is 3? it could be 3 sounds, 3 movable objects, 3 objects that they cannot move, a group of 2 and a group of 1, etc.    Also, we will practise counting objects and matching numerals and quantity correctly.


In addition, we will be looking at 2D shapes and their properties 


Physical Development

The children will begin developing their gross and fine motor skills. Gross motor will involve big movement, skipping, hopping and balancing skills. They will also work on developing independent skills concerning getting dressed, cutting up their own food in the dining hall, putting on their shoes and fastening their coats. Fine motor, they will be practising cutting, threading, 'dough-disco', beads, drawing, painting and  mark making/writing. 


Creative and Design

The children will have access to the 'home-corner' where they will act out experiences they know and share. Manipulating dough, drawing around our hands and feet, music sessions to reflect our feelings, music to celebrate festivals and tapping into the 5 senses, will be just some of the activities the children will enjoy. 



For the first 4-6 weeks, all children in a Reception class will be required to take a statutory assessment for their Reception Baseline Assessment. 

This comprises of short task- based assessments of your child's early literacy, communication, language and maths skills. The baseline will provide the basis for a new way of measuring the progress primary schools make with their pupils.

All the tasks are delivered in a fun way, so your child won't even realise they are doing them.   

Below is the government website if you would like to know more:


In Reception, sometimes the ideas and initiatives come from the children themselves. Therefore, there maybe activities we do that are not on our topic web, but have come and grown from the children own interests, for example ' Space, The Olympics', insects, snow etc. 


We look forward to putting our observations onto tapestry which will show you the wonderful learning that is taking place with your child. Equally, we look forward to seeing and reading the observations you can load onto Tapestry.


We are excited in forging positive relationships with you all. We have an open door policy where at the end of the day if you have a query please ask away or email No question is daft, so please never feel uncomfortable approaching us. 


Thank you for your support, 

Mrs Foster, Mrs Davies, Mrs Holden & Mrs Hibbert

The Lion Cub Team xxxx

Reading letter and Read Write Inc information

RWI Useful information

Free learning.

Check out these activities and games to challenge your brain! Enjoy!