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Lion Cubs 


                                                  Spring 2


                    Happy Springtime! 

At last, the mornings and early evenings are getting a little lighter day by day.

And fingers crossed, the weather will be getting a tad warmer too.  

We have lots of exciting topics and things to do in this half term.

Below is an overview of what we will be doing.



This term we will be looking at the topic 'Superheroes and Villians' . Using the books, 'There's no dragon in this story' and 'Supertato' series, the children will learn about national heroes and people who help us.  




The children are keen writers. At every opportunity we encourage them to write in the form of labels, captions, speech bubbles and short sentences, including capital letters and full stops.                        


Read Write Inc  RWI

Using our programme RWI,  daily activities will teach the children to 'Fred talk' read the word, learn 'special friends', read 'red words' (tricky words that cannot be sounded out) spell the words they are reading and write a short sentence. Please see the additional RWI information in the 'phonics and reading' section in the 'curriculum' page- key information.    




Please continue to read the material the children take home on a weekly basis. Plus, don't forget to do the RWI activities sent weekly on google classroom too. 




Speaking and Listening 

We will be focusing on using new vocabulary in different contexts, e.g. through story telling, explantions etc.  Also, the chidlren will be developing their understanding skills by answering and asking 'who, what, where, when and why?' questions. Also, this term we will be encouraging the children to use words to connect their ideas using a range of connectives 'because, alothough, but, also. first, next, after etc..' and linking story events to own experiences or other texts. 




This term, our focus will be the composition of 6,7,8,9 and 10 and revising number bonds to 5. In addition, they will be consolidating using the STEM sentences of ' 9 is made of 4 and 5 ', 9 is one more than 8' 8 is 1 less than  9' etc.  

We will use a number of images and models e.g. 'part-whole model'and tens frame, to support the above concepts and skills. From this, they will move onto simple addition and subtraction, and begin to share, double and half up to 10 objects. 

In addition, the children will be continuing to look at comparing and ordering measures, e.g. capacity, weight, length etc. Plus, measure short periods of time and be familiar with a clock face and hands 

For mental starters, the children will recite numbers from 0-20 and back from 15, finding one less and one more between the numbers 0-10 and consolidate subitising 5 objects with quick recall. 




Physical Development

P.E. will continue to  be on Thursday afternoons and Friday afternoons for 'Rubgy tots'. This half term's focus will be bat and ball skills The children will develop their skills of 'throwing and catching' and passing and aiming. 



Understanding of the World

Now we are heading towards the season of Spring, the children will be learning 'what does springtime look like' in the natural world. This also includes developing an understanding of light (including colour and shadow) and heat. Linking in with our 'superhero' theme, the children will be exploring the properties of different materials, e.g. wood / hard etc.


                                                                                                                                                                        RE, SMSC & PSHE

Through stories artefacts and Puddles the cat, the children will be able to talk about the members of their immediate family and people who are familiar to them in the local community. In addition, they will celebrate 'Mothering Sunday' and the Christian festival of Easter.                



Expressive Arts and Design

Through the topic 'Syuperheroes and Villians', the children will be designing and making, creating with different mediums (paint, clay etc). Also, the children will be taught how to return to and build on their previous learning, refining their ideas and be able to talk comment on their peer's ideas too. 



In Reception, sometimes the ideas and initiatives come from the children themselves. Therefore, there maybe activities we do that are not on our topic web, but have come and grown from the children’s own interests, for example 'princesses, Super Mario, superheroes etc'.   


The Curriculum

For more information about what we have planned for this academic year, please go to the curriculum section on the school's webpage, click on 'Reception' and have a read at our amazing and busy curriculum.



We look forward to putting our observations onto our electronic learning journal 'Tapestry' which will show you the wonderful learning that is taking place with your child in school. Equally, you can load onto 'Tapestry' the special moments your child does at home, e.g. a day out, a special time, a 'wow' moment etc. We love to know what they have been doing and the children love sharing and talking about their photos/videos of what they have achieved.


Water Bottles

Please ensure that they take it home every day to be cleaned and refilled. Don't worry if they lose it, any named water bottle can be used.


We have an open-door policy where at the end of the day if you have a query please ask away or email

No question is daft, so please never feel uncomfortable approaching us. 


Thank you for your continued support, 


Mrs Foster, Mrs Barralet, Mrs Holden & Mrs Wilson xxx

Some useful information and websites 

Reading letter and Read Write Inc information

RWI Useful information

Free learning.

Check out these activities and games to challenge your brain! Enjoy!