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Lion Cubs - Reception

Welcome Back

A big welcome to all of the new Lion Cubs and their families!

We are so excited and looking forward to this brand new school year. We know that the children will make great memories and friends. We have so much to do and fun to share as they will get to know their classroom inside and outside, the routines, lunchtimes and most importantly getting to know each other and working together. 

All about Me! 

This topic will include what we look like, similarities and differences, likes and dislikes , friends , keeping healthy and safe and a simple version of a family tree.  

Speaking and Listening

This will be a strong focus this term, with emphasis on building the children’s confidence to join in with discussion, taking turns and re-calling familiar rhymes and stories.


Read Write Inc

The children will begin to learn new sounds using the phonics programme Read Write Inc -RWI. Using various games, rhymes and resources to teach these letters, our goal is to support your child to blend and segment words. Blending is putting letter sounds together to make a word. Segmenting is splitting a word into sounds they know. 



To begin with, the children will not be doing formal writing.  They will explore ‘mark making’ and experiment with new sounds, patterns and writing media.  This will help to foster their love for writing, their imagination and most of all their confidence!



This term, the children will be given a weekly reading book to share at home. To begin with, it will be a picture book in which we would like any adult to discuss with the child the characters in the book, ask questions on why, where, what and how.  It would be helpful if a brief comment is written in the green reading book on how the child interacted and enjoyed the pages/book.



As part of our number learning, the children will learn to recite, recognise and order numbers to 10… and then 20.   We will practise counting objects and matching numerals and quantity correctly.



Shape Space and Measure

Related to our topic 'Ourselves', we will be using the vocabulary of long, longer , short, shorter, ordering children by height and sorting 

Religious Education

This autumn term, we will be looking at  'being me',  belonging & special people , our families and special people in school . In addition, we will be discussing the importantance of Harvest,  Rememberance Sunday, celebrating the festival of light of  Diwali,  the birth of Jesus and Christams. 



Physical Development

This term the children will begin developing their movement and balancing skills.  They will also work on developing independent skills concerning getting dressed and undressed, cutting up their own food in the dining hall, putting on their shoes and fastening their coats. 


Creative and Design

The children will have access to the Home-corner, where they will act out experiences they know and share. They will be encouraged to make  collages using . Manipulating dough, drawing around our hands and feet, music sessions to reflect our feelings, music to celebrate festivals and tapping into the 5 senses, will be just some of the activities the children will enjoy. 


In Reception, sometimes the ideas and initiatives come from the children themselves. Therefore, there maybe activities we do that are not on our topic web, but have come and grown from the children own interests, for example ' the dinosaurs, superheroes,  insects, snow etc. 

We plan these all these activities for the children, but these plans may change due to the new interests the children show. One of the principal tools in early years, is that practitioners try and teach fundamental skills through the children's interests.


We look forward to putting our observations onto tapestry which will show you the wonderful learning that is taking place with your child(ren). Equally, we look forward to seeing and reading the observations you can load onto Tapestry.


Thank you for your support, 

We are excited in building good friendships with you all .


Mrs Foster, Miss Noonan, Mrs Knight & Mrs Davies