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Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Development in our school...



Statement of intent

Parkgate Primary School believes that a strong PSHE education is important to help our pupils develop into well-rounded members of society, who can make a positive contribution to their community. Our PSHE curriculum is strongly tied to our RSE, relationships and health education.

The vision for pupils, staff and others linked to our school is to always look to achieve our personal best in every aspect of school life.

  • Our school is one where everyone is encouraged and supported to achieve their personal best.
  • Our school is welcoming, inclusive, has a real community feel and is a place where everyone is valued.
  • Our pupils and staff treat each other equitably, fairly, with kindness and with mutual respect. At all times, staff and pupils are encouraged to show a high regard for the needs and feelings of others through their actions and words. 
  • Our pupils and staff are enterprising and approach challenges with a ‘can-do’ attitude.
  • The needs and interests of all pupils, irrespective of gender, culture, ability or aptitude, will be promoted through an inclusive and varied PSHE curriculum at our school.
  • Our environment is safe and clean with everyone sharing responsibility for it.
  • Our culture is one of continuous improvement, creativity and enthusiasm.
  • Parents will be informed about PSHE teaching on the curriculum maps on the school website. 


By the end of EYFS  children will be able to:

  • Work and play cooperatively and take turns with others.
  • Form positive attachments to adults and friendships with peers. 
  • Show sensitivity to their own and to others’ needs.


By the end of KS1 children will be able to: 

  • To work together with our friends on ways to make our school happy.


By the end of KS2 children will: 

  • Have a comfortable vision of the world around us and the skills available to assist the transition to High School and the wider world.




Mental Health Day 13th February 2024

In addition to our day to day experience we offer a wide range of enrichment opportunities to really ensure our pupils have a great SMSC provision.

Some of these opportunities we have provided recently include....

 Collecting food for the Cheshire Food bank and Christmas and Singing to the public in various places. 
-Workshop days in KS1
- Active Hands in KS2

- whole school curriculum topic days
Whole school 'Festivals’ and celebrations such as world book day, Down syndrome day, Yellow day- in aid of children’s liver disease, Eid day, Chinese new year and more.
- A whole school yearly trip to the Floral Pavillion to watch their Christmas Pantomime and to the Zoo in the summer. 

- An extensive range of after school clubs to choose from including sports, science, arts and gardening activities.
- An active, recent and relevant learning scheme each term to focus on recent information and to engage the children towards making a difference.

We have lots of external ways for the children to learn music. 


- Trips to the Museums of Liverpool, The Roman Experience, Chester Zoo, Churches in our local area, Exploring Parkgate Front, Ruthin Jail and more

- Assemblies with on -going themes such as Aspiration, Achievement, Anti-Bullying (inc. cyber bullying), E-Safety, Resilience and more.


- Sunflower competitions

- The children run their own school fair stalls, in particular Year 6 who run their own room to make money for their leavers celebrations
-Year 6 Disco, Halloween discos, Chocolate Bingo

- Pillow parties after school, Whole school quiz night, summer fair, Christmas fair
- Active Maths

-Year 6 music project with the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic

- Cross country club

-Cricketing and other sporting competitions for Cheshire

-Ukulele, Violin, Piano, Tuba lesson and more

-KS2 Orchestra
-Learning to play an instrument in every year group- Reception boom wackers, Year 1 Year 2 recorders Year 3 Ukulele, Year 4 Ukulele, Year 5 Guitar, Year 6 Samba
-Mad Science Club

- Crucial Crew for Year 6

- Strong links with our local secondary schools for  Maths  Booster lessons / Science workshops, Greater Depth days.
- Fundraising days - Children in Need, Yellow Day, Down Syndrome and more

- Whole school presentations -e.g  films / raps / poems during each project – parents are invited to join in or to see there.

Visits from dangerous litter companies, our local police officer, our church leaders and more


- Collaboration with Cheshire West Council and Parkgate Society to make Parkgate a cleaner, safer place.

- A visit from a Poet to make poems and or parent Author who helps us to write.

-Careers day
- Breakfast Club and afterschool club


SMSC  Assemblies

On a weekly basis, pupils take part in a religious assembly with the local church. Here, they have the opportunity to contribute and reflect on the play they have just watched or taken part in. We also provide a weekly SMSC assembly which notices the principles of spiritual, moral, social or cultural topics – these are taken from a plan of diverse topics or from recent and relevant information in the news that the children would benefit learning about.

 The integrity and spirituality of faith backgrounds are respected and explored through assemblies, through lessons and through religious days in school such as Chinese New Year with Mrs Foster and Eid with Mrs Rashid.